8 months in lockdown, 8 tracks, and 20 years in the waiting, Australian singer-songwriter Stephanie Dass debuts her album “My Story” which is out now. Stephanie has been performing and writing songs since she was 6 years old. She had done the cover gig circuit for more than 15 years, while in the background writing her own music. She had released a few singles over the years but it was her dream to record an album of her original songs. That dream came true when her producer husband Amit Dass set up a home studio in April as a result of the COVID-19 Melbourne lockdown.


Stephanie says, “This is very exciting for me! My first ever Album! I’m so grateful for my husband who literally made this possible. We created this Album together all from home over the past 8 months in lockdown. These songs I wrote from my heart from my personal experiences and I have been wanting to share them for so long. I was finally blessed with the opportunity, and time, to record them.”


“My Story” is out now on all music platforms!



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